Sir Handel, named after the Skarloey Railway's first owner, Sir Handel Brown I - but previously Falcon, after the works where he was made - is a narrow-gauge tank engine, with a very bad attitude! He used to be very rude, stubborn, lazy, and very bad-tempered, but in Season 10, he changed his ways after coming back from the quarry for all those years, and later became grand and wise to his friends.

Villainous ActsEdit

Bulldog: Back on Mid-Sodor, he wanted to take the Mountain Road, without Duke's help, and called his a fusspot, and almost fell of the mountain. A Bad Day for Sir Handel: When he first came to the Skarloey Railway, he was in a bad-tempered mood, by saying the shed was useless, called Skarloey rubbish, and was to lazy to do his job. He called the coaches "Cattle Cars", and was to lazy to go to the quarry, he derailed himself on purpose, and got punished for behaving badly.

Rusty Helps Peter Sam: He was still bad-tempered, and took his anger the cars, who hated Sir Handel, and with advice from Gordon, he pretended to be ill, and got Peter Sam into a horrible accident, and after being found out, Sir Handel was severely punished.

Steamroller: When Sir Handel got new wheels, he became conceited again, and caused a rivalry with George the Steamroller, and George crashed into his train. Sir Handel thought he sent George packing, but was put in his place again when some boys teased him about it.

In the original series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Sir Handel used to be a bad-tempered jerk, who was too lazy to work, and used to be very conceited, pompous, and arrogant. And always was very rude and stubborn, but always got punished for it all the time. Until he changed his attitude in Season 10.