Prince Pyjamarama is a main antagonist of The Further Adventures of Superted-Ruse of the Rajah. He trys to get rid of his nephew, Prince Rajeash. And he has a helping henchman, Mufti. Prince Pyjamarama has a favourite subject of his, Pyjamas. And altogether, Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to get rid of Superted & Spotty as well. Prince Pyjamarama wants Mufti to dress as a white tiger and kidnap Rajeash to the cave because he wants to be King. But Superted, Spotty in the white tiger costume & Rajeash stop Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti on time. But Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to run for it but Superted & Rajeash make Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti slip to the water fountain. Prince Pyjamarama was voiced by Frank Welker.

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